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Hey, I'm Spencer. 


Let's Get You The  Best Loan Possible.

Our Services Anchor

Here are some of our loan options:

  • Conventional "Traditional" Mortgages

  • First Time Home Buyer's Program

  • FHA Home Loans

  • VA Home Loans

  • USDA 100% Loans

  • Construction Loans

  • Home Equity Line of Credit

  • THE NEW Reverse Mortgage

  • JUMBO loans for Luxury Homes

  • Programs for First Responders 

  • Remodeling Loans

  • Non-Conforming Loans

About Me

Mortgage Banker, Realtor, DJ, Homesteader

When dealing with your mortgage, most of the time we're handing the biggest transaction of your life. Because it's such a major transaction, I feel it's important to know a little about me. 

I've been working in banking for over10 years, primarily focused on mortgage banking. I thoroughly enjoy working with each one of my clients and finding exactly what's the best mortgage for them - not necessarily the bank. I also am a licensed Real Estate Agent. Doing both Real Estate and Mortgages, it gives me the knowledge of both sides that can make a dramatic difference in getting you the best overall deal for your home! When I'm not working in the Real Estate world, I love spending time with my wife, Kristin, our pup, Milo and brand new baby boy, Leo. When she's tired of me, I love getting back to my college work, DJ'n. I still love helping friends and family with their weddings as well as the official DJ for the Kansas Jayhawks! Rock Chalk! 

Last but not least, I'm currently working building my own home - myself. Wish me luck! 


Latessa, Past Client

I’ve worked with Spencer on several home loans now. He’s great to work with, and I’ll be using him on my next purchase when the time comes!


Florence, Realtor & Client

Spencer has represented many of my Clients, Friends, Family and now My Husband and I. What makes Spencer so "Great", He's HONEST! I used a different lender in the past and learned years later that I was taken advantage of. I explained my concerns to Spencer and he reassured me of the process and how everything was to benefit ME!! He is always available to answer my questions on MY schedule. I suggest my clients get a second opinion when choosing a Lender, they always choose Spencer, and so YOU !


Cory, Past Client

Spencer was very knowledgeable and helpful. He responded back to me either immediately or very quickly. His demeanor was always positive. When talking to Spencer I never had a worry because his confidence exuded from him. It made me feel secure that he was going to take care of me and lead me to the righteous path of home ownership. Thank you so much Spencer.

What My Clients Say

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